We are very pleased to announce that CHRIS sports will have a new member in the CHRIS sports family. Mondraker is a spanish producer (Alicante, 2001) of Highperformance-Mountainbikes and has with their Zero Suspension System and the Forward Geometry (long top tube, very short stem) a unique selling point. We are convinced that these innovations are a huge contribution to the MTB landscape in Switzerland. Moreover, it fits perfectly into our brand portfolio, says Christian Bättig Founder of CHRIS sports.


Giro Aerohead Mips

Giro Sport Design, the cycling world’s design leader, has announced the Aerohead™ MIPS and Aerohead™ Ultimate MIPS.  Already raced to victory in the Tour de France and UCI Track World Cups, the Aerohead Ultimate MIPS features the fastest helmet shape Giro has ever tested, plus MIPS multi-directional impact protection system, and the class-leading ventilation of Roc Loc Air®.  The helmet will be available this summer in two versions: the Aerohead MIPS (with venting for longer timed events) and the Aerohead Ultimate MIPS, featuring a TeXtreme™ shell to combine a smaller frontal area and reduced venting for even less, tested in the wind tunnel.

KEEN Training @SportXX

Impressions of KEEN training for SportXX sales peoples. They learned a lot and had much fun.

Tri United by CHRIS sports

In cooperation with local dealers, CHRIS sports has provided a triathlon team. All the team members come from eastern Switzerland and represent the brands, New Balance, Arena, Giro and Evoc with great dedication . We look forward to working with the team, whether in competitions, events, and on our the social media channels.


Team members from left to right:
Christoph Luginbühl, Barbara Scherrer, Urs Schiess, Beat Widmer, Simone Sonderegger, Sandro Bauer, Michael Huber (Dominik Spycher is missing on the picture)

New Balance at Auffahrtslauf St. Gallen

The "Auffahrtslauf" in St. Gallen is already history. It was and intense, but very successful day.

New 10km course record (33.10,04) and predominant victory of New Balance runner Abel Mulugeta, a team of colleagues from the Männerwerk St. Gallen who successfully completed the 10km course, a CHRIS sports member who spontaneously accompanied the team, a BMWi3 filled with New Balance Shoes, a spontaneous visit of the Tri United by CHRIS sports-triathlon-team, as well as the musical support from Chris & Kelly Trio turned Ascension Day into a happy day.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_AFL_Stand.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_AFL_Zieleinlauf.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_AFL_Abel.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_AFL_Maennerwerk.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_AFL_TriUnited.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_BMWi3.png tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_AFL_Chris+Kelly.png

Rocky Mountain Bicycles - New Pipeline

Rocky Mountain launched New "Pipeline" Bike for agressive trailriding! The big question is: Has the North Shore (Trails) been getting easier? Check video!

More information about the bike: http://www.bikes.com/de/bikes/pipeline/2017

Giro extends its sponsorship with Stöckli

We are proud to extend our sponsorship with the Stöckli PRO Team for another year. Especially in the Swiss mountainbike landscape, but also internationally, the Stöckli athletes are established and well known. With the new team manager Ralph Näf, the Stöckli PRO Team has already started with remarkable success in the new season. Beginning a seamless continuation of her 2015 season Jolanda Neff won her first three races. Matthias Flückiger could distance himself from the best at the World Cup opener in Cairns and reached an excellent 4th place after a tough fight. The team youngster Alessandra Keller has great pontential and get’s closer to a podium place with each race.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/Giro Cycling/Stoeckli_Sponsoring.jpg

Source: Stöckli

New Balance sells the first 3D printed running shoe

The future of running is here. Runners, meet the Zante Generate, the world’s first high performance running shoe with a full-length 3D printed midsole. This special midsole allows the shoes to be flexible, supportive and durable.

Read more here: http://www.newbalance.com

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/NB_3D_Zante.png

New Balance: Nobody runs like Boston

The Limited Edition #FreshFoam Zante v2 Boston features shout outs to the city’s rich, collegiate tradition in a varsity-inspired color palette. 

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/New Balance/BostonMarathon_Blue_Horiz_Shoe_1080.png

Engadin Skimarathon 2016

Last weekend the 48th Engadin Ski Marathon took place. Due to the heavy snowfall the week before the landscape turned into a beautiful winter wonderland. But the sun came out right on time and made the event even more memorable and fun.

We look back to a successful event. The Thorax Training Challenge was very popular. For those who couldn't compare their time yet: Dario Cologna won with an impressive time of 2:06min. Afterwards the delicious "power tea" refuelled all the challengers.

We would like to thank Ariella Käslin and Viktor Röthlin for their visit. A special thanks goes to the CHRIS sports team that made an exemplary job.

tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Stand_Engadin_Skimarathon.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Ariella_Kaeslin_Thorax.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Dario_Cologna_Thoraxtraining.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Dario_Cologna_Team_Skimarathon_Engadin.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Produktetest_Pontresina.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Stand_Engadin_Skimarathon_Produkte.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Thorax_Besucher.jpg tl_files/artikel/deutsch/blog/One Way/ONE_WAY_Team_Engadin_Skimarathon.jpg